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Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

A truly mesmerizing evening of Kirtan. It is a heart-opening experiences that one can immerse into and get lost forever. Sharon’s vocal tones and melody weave a powerful foundation for the vibration of chant. Her love of Kirtan is so apparent that it shines through every mantra.


Sharon’s music is beautiful! Deeply calming and healing.
I am thankful that I now have this sacred music to assist in my healing journey


Her music and her voice are a gift to all of us and the world. Get her CD and soothe your soul!


I think that the way we express ourselves in the world is our identity with truth and consciousness. Sharon is a beautiful manifestation of these values and she reveals all there is to know about Love, Life and Divinity in her own truth and expression of beautiful music and divine Love. Thank You Sharon for being so inspirational, Loving and generous in your words and your music.

Octave of Love CD Back Cover

If you love authentic music, listen to Sharon Silverstein’s new album ‘Octave of Love’. The combination of her roots as a Western Folk/Rock singer with her ever-evolving love affair with Eastern mysticism makes for a compelling musical brew and uplifting spiritual journey.

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