Sharon Silverstein and The Peace Project



Sharon Silverstein

Singer-Songwriter and Sacred Songs in a upbeat, motivational folk/rock style 

Sharon is a traveling gypsy bringing spiritual teachings through inspirational music to move your soul into its innate alignment.


She is an accomplished, international musician, singer/songwriter and Sacred Song artist. Sharon’s music moves people to a greater self-awareness, unity, and world peace. Her music aims to support individuals, families and communities to live a consciously kind, healthy and sustainable lifestyle which is in harmony with our planet.

Sharon released her first CD "Alive" in 2006 followed by a sacred chant CD, "Chants for Peace" in 2011 and her newest release for 2016 is titled "Octave of Love". 

Sharon also is the founder and president of the New Jersey based company, Living At Peace, LLC since 2002. Living At Peace programs aim to aid communities, families and individuals to have deeper, stronger and sustainable relationships. Living At Peace creates a world where people can feel unconditional love for themselves and others.

‚ÄčAs a yoga teacher, music teacher, parent educator and life coach, she leads her clients to live in the Way of the Sacred.

Sharon is also part of  the Way of the Sacred which is a musical performing and teaching group utilizing sacred song and ceremony to unite community in prayer and intention as One Spirit, One Voice, One Love. We come together in this way to remember the Love that we are; honoring and offering reverence and healing to the Earth and All Our Relations. Way of the Sacred also offers workshop, retreats and song circles. Visit for more info. 

Sharon picked up the guitar at the age of nine and began learning classical guitar and voice. Her musical education continued with her studies at Rutgers University where she learned to play all the band instruments.  This led her to a fifteen year career as a NJ certified music teacher and middle school band director.

At a very early age, Sharon felt called to express her voice through songwriting and continued to compose original music throughout her career as a way to express emotion and cleanse childhood trauma. In 2002, Sharon had her first experience with yoga. She was inspired by the chanting and began Bhakti, the path of devotion. 

Sharon has performed at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, LoveLight Festival in Darlington, MD, KarmaFest in Pottstown, PA, Amansala Resort in Tulum, MX, Los Naranjos Eco-retreat Center in Yelapa, MX, Edgar Casey's A.R.E. Institute NYC, The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature and Music, the New York City Marathon, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden in Delray Beach, The New Life Expo in New York, Shala Yoga in Sedona, AZ, the One Love Festival in Norfolk, VA, the Paul Robeson Art Center in Princeton, NJ, the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, Elkins Estate in PA, and many other venues, festivals and yoga retreats and yoga centers throughout the country and Mexico. 


Sharon's new CD "Octave of Love" was released on April 9th, 2016: 

“Octave of Love,” features music that reaches across generations and touches people through a variety of musical genres, lyrics, and eternal messages of love and connection. The lineup of musicians on the album reflects its purpose, with performing artists ranging in age across six generations. The music on “Octave of Love” represents the musical styles of different generations, making it accessible to all age groups. This project’s diverse musical genres, lyrics, and instrumentation connect people from around the globe.

The musicians who appear on “Octave of Love” represent a unique collaboration:

Sharon's son, Jared Silverstein, an international jazz drummer, the CD also features Andrea Brachfeld, an internationally known American and Latin jazz flutist who was named “Best Jazz Flutist” this year by Hot House Jazz Magazine, and who is sponsored by RS Berkeley Flutes; percussionist Vincent Pierce Smith, who is sponsored by Regal Tip Drums & Percussion; Karttikeya Arul, percussionist and senior audio engineer for Music Together, a global music program for parents and children; and internationally known jazz bassist Ian Kenselaar, who is employed by Jazz House Kids, a Montclair-based non-profit organization that provides opportunities for young musicians to learn jazz.The music on “Octave of Love” represents the musical styles of different generations, making it accessible to all age groups. This project’s diverse musical genres, lyrics, and instrumentation connect people from around the globe.

Sharon sings the lyrics in both Sanskrit and English — allowing listeners to connect with the music in whichever language reaches their hearts. Among the instruments featured on the album are the harmonium, hang-halo drums, tabla, Bansuri flute, upright bass,  acoustic guitar, and Western drums — all of which lend an organic sound to “Octave of Love.” The music and lyrics are also composed by Sharon Silverstein except the lyrics for track "We are the One" which was composed by Nathan Richardson. Sharon is joined by Perry Montauredes on background vocals for track "We are the One". Group Singers: Todd Lewis, Carolyn Amala Viola, Susan Martinez, Perry Montauredes and Karttikeya Arul contribute to the track "Hare Krishna".


 “ If you love authentic music, listen to Sharon Silverstein’s new album ‘Octave of Love’.  The combination of her roots as a Western Folk/Rock singer with her ever-evolving love affair with Eastern mysticism makes for a compelling musical brew and uplifting spiritual journey.”   GuruGanesha- Devotional Musician and Mantra Hipster

"The transformational vibrations of Sharon's music and voice are uplifting to the heart and soul in the CD "Alive". Ms. Silverstein and The Peace Project touch the very soul, conveying ideas about unconditional love, grace and the great potential all humans have for true wisdom". Courier News, NJ